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Adaptable, flexible and scalable resourcing models; operational assistance, monitoring, incident response and patch management to delivering business outcomes



Pernix is an experienced Information Technology Services provider focused on the efficient use of technology and the scientific use of data to better inform, turning data into insight and action. We work alongside our customers to provision end-to-end managed platform solutions. 

Our Managed Service model is one that has progressed not only with market expectations of what a modern managed services provider should deliver but also with the changing focus of business.

A modern managed service provider enables more than ‘run and maintain’. Pernix has an adaptable resourcing model to provide targeted value at any point of the lifecycle of a digital solution.

Pernix Managed Services provides you with flexibility in selecting the right level of operations assistance, whether you are migrating to the cloud or just need extra help with monitoring, incidents, or patch management. Pernix Support experts, who are deeply integrated with Pernix service teams, work alongside your existing operations team to provide proven operational assistance, as we focus on delivering the business outcome together.

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